Piper Saratoga airplane on Atlanta highway

Piper Saratoga airplane on Atlanta highway

The Piper Saratoga, a small plane, sat on the road without hitting any cars after making an emergency landing on Interstate 85 near Shallowford Road in Atlanta, a few miles from Peachtree DeKalb Airport when the city\’s evening rush hour was beginning on Monday, Sept. 20, 2010.

Pilot Matt Conway, who successfully touched the plane down, explained that the station mechanical problems forced him to land.

No fire or injuries were reported, according to Tameka Minter – dispatch supervisor with the Dekalb County Police Department. The traffic was backed up for two hours.


Piper Saratoga made an emergency landing on Interstate 85 northeast of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday, snarling traffic during afternoon rush hour


Matt Conway, the pilot of the Piper Saratoga plane that made the emergency landing in Atlanta


Traffic snarled for miles as the Piper Saratoga blocked at least four lanes as rush hour was beginning


People saw the accident


Authorities said that they tried to find out engine problems that caused the accident.



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