Tu-154 Airplane Cracked during Landing Crash at Domodedovo Airport

Tu-154 Airplane Cracked during Landing Crash at Domodedovo Airport

Tu-154 plane of Dagestan Airlines ended up being broken into three engine pieces following the crash throughout the emergency landing within Domodedovo airport beyond Moscow on December 4, 2010. The crash had buildings nearby slammed, caused the demise to a couple in addition to injury to over 80 folks. According to a civil aviation official Sergey Izvolskiy, Tu-154 plane with about 163 passengers, including seven young ones and nine crew people had departed for the Russia\’s North Caucasus city of Makhachkala from Moscow\’s Vnukovo airport, and was taking the trip to Makhachkala in Russia\’s southern Dagestan area. After the failure of engines, the Tu-154 airplane of Dagestan Airlines has been on repair. Following the severe crash of Tu-154 airplane of Dagestan Airlines, a study is established in order to search for the possible factors the accident. Below are some pictures during the landing crash of Tu-154 aircraft of Dagestan Airlines at the Domodedovo airport outside Moscow on December 4, 2010.


A couple were killed, over 80 had been injured and three engines failed by an abrupt landing at Moscow\’s Domodedovo airport on Saturday, December 4, 2010

According to the wellness Ministry, 26 passengers were taken into hospitals in nearby cities as well as others had been sent to Moscow hospitals

Passengers, reporters and rescuers collected close to the crashed Tu-154 plane of Dagestan Airlines at Domodedovo airport outside Moscow

The Tu-154 environment airplane slipped out of the runway, crashed into a little slope, slammed structures and smashed into three pieces

The crash for the Tu-154 plane increased problems on Russia\’s low-quality aviation infrastructure, additionally resulting in the demise to Poland\’s President Lech Kaczynski and 90 others in April

Here is the third latest emergency landing accident by Dagestan Airlines routes. Very nearly accidents had been due to motor failures

Tu-154 aircraft of Dagestan Airlines had been broken into three pieces. The second engine were unsuccessful as the pilots started the emergency landing, and the 3rd engine were unsuccessful once the jet would secure off the runway



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Airplane crash in Jamaica

Airplane crash in Jamaica

The crash of United states Airlines which overran runway in Jamaica caused forty passengers harmed on Tuesday night. The flight ended up being scheduled for Jamaica. According to local authorities, the jet broke apart at Kingston’s international airport inside capital of Caribbean nation of Jamaica.


Based on selection of supply of previous development, there were lots of misunderstanding and doubtful information about the flight. Some said the airplane was indeed crashed. Others said that every the passengers had been dead. But most of these types of information had been unofficial.


The Jamaica Observer magazine quoted information from Daryl Vaz Jamaican Information Minister that 40 passengers had been hurt and taken up to the Kingston Public Hospital. He also included there had been unidentified numbers of demise. Tim Smith, United states Airlines spokesman said that basing on initial reports there were no really injured guests.


There have been 148 people and six crew users on American Airlines, battle 331. The Boeing 737 faced the same fate after landing at Kingston’s Norman Manley airport terminal in a really bad weather problem – hefty rainfall.
Milton Walker, the head of TV Jamaica informed CNN that among 40 injured people just four experienced severe injuries. Relating to a passenger, everything seemed good whenever jet ended up being landing however it had been unlucky to come calmly to stop with a loud bang. Guests had been caught interest because of the deployment of oxygen masks therefore the framework of fuselage just starting to fall to pieces. The overrunning of plane along the runway in much rain had been thought to be a chaotic scene. In accordance with a job interview with Abaurrea of Keene, brand new Hampshire via telephone, the plane had been like recoil when it hit the floor.


Passengers scrambled to jump off if the emergency exits were opened. Abaurrea, 62 years of age traveler endured a pain in her own neck and back from the effect. Gary Wehrwein, Abaurrea’s spouse had been hit by dropping luggage which hurt his neck. The whole trip appeared tumultuous. Ahead of the airplane arrived, passengers have been cautioned of turbulence.



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